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Process Heating
Homogeneous composition leads to no residue on combustion and accurate temperature control. Air   Fuel ratio need not be changed with every batch. Excellent application in manufacture of textiles,  glass, picture-tubes, automobile, bearings, etc. IBP Gas is valued in industry because of its high   energy heat, homogeneous content, cleanliness and easy availability.


IBP Gas is used in agriculture industry for various agricultural crops like drying of seeds and pulses, roasting of peanuts, curing of tobacco.
Drying with IBP Gas gives uniform and better moisture control for a quality products.             


Paintings Units
No unburned fuel and residues. Ability to have constant temperature control results in effective and uniform heating with minimum fuel. Major car manufacturers use IBP Gas for paint shops due to its quality and services offer from IBP Gas. Also finds applications in food processing, ink printing, etc.


Kilns & Furnaces:
IBP Gas find application for accurate temperature control leads to enhanced productivity, reduces costs & pollution. No deposits of carbon lead to reduction in downtime and contamination. Excellent application in ceramics,  heat treatment units, brick kilns etc.


IBP Gas is widely used in Automobile Industry for production of automobile components like engine blocks, gear and transmission parts, springs, alloy wheels and all other parts.


Metal Processing:
IBP Gas is widely used in metal industry for  Clean burning. No residue of Sulphur, Lead & Carbon leads to minimum scaling losses. Melting operations are homogeneous due to constant temperature control. Excellent applications in forging, wire drawing, casting, melting industry


Drying Ovens:
IBP Gas finds excellent application in drying ovens due to less maintenance than oil systems because of one step heat transfer. So most of industry use IBP Gas due to its quality and cost-effective option for their process.


IBP Gas find application in Dairy Industry for process heating, drying and cleaning applications. The energy source is usually steam or hot water generated through boilers.


Engineering & Fabrications
IBP Gas is used in engineering and metal fabrication processes for cutting & joining metals - both ferrous and non-ferrous. 

IBP Gas is a cost-effective option for oxy-gas cutting compared to acetylene, and in brazing furnaces compared to diesel.


IBP Gas is used in glass industries for various processes like glass feeders, annealing lehrs, glass cutting and fire polishing, melting, etc.


Pharmaceutical industries which need steam in a variety of processes, without compromising on clean ambience and high environmental standards. IBP Gas is smart choice for Pharmaceuticals Industry as per their needs.


IBP Gas is used for heating in injection moulding process and rot moulding process to produce wide variety of plastic articles such as bottles, storage tanks, containers, etc.


IBP Gas find application in textile & garments industry for numerous applications - Singeing (burning off loose yarn for better fabric finish), Calendaring (another finishing process), Drying after printing on fabrics and Steam generation.


IBP Gas energy solutions are powering applications in other industries as well such as Batteries, Blades, Woven & non-woven sacs, Electrical & Electronics, Consumer Goods, etc And we are finding more and more

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