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Auto LPG

IBP Gas brings you the High Quality Automotive fuels - IBP Auto Gas for your vehicle. IBP Gas provide world class Auto Gas to its user in purest form. We specialise in installing of ALDS (Auto Lpg Dispensing Stations ) and supplying Auto Gas to its user. IBP Auto Gas has got the necessary technical arrangements to supply Auto LPG meant for vehicles promptly, in any adverse conditions also through all its ALDS. LPG as an automotive fuel in the country was introduced in India after the issuance of the LPG (Regulation of Use in Motor Vehicles) Order in the year 2001 by Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas. The actual retailing of Auto LPG thru an Auto LPG Dispensing Station (ALDS) could commence only in late 2002 with the introduction of LPG Conversion Kits duly approved by ARAI. It has been more than 12 years since, and during this period, the Auto LPG Industry has been treading a path of steady progress, consolidation and above all, safety.

Benefits of IBP Auto Gas over Petrol

  1. * Excellent Services
  2. * Saves up to 40% of fuel bill compared to petrol without compromising on driving performance. 
  3. * Improves engine life and reduces recurring maintenance costs. 
     Drastically reduces the harmful emissions of petrol and diesel engines such as CO2, oxides of Sulphur and nitrogen and the suspended  particulate matter (SPM). 
  4. * 75% Less CO
  5. * 85% Less HYDROCARBONS
  6. * IBP Auto Gas is totally eco-friendly fuel.


IBP Auto Gas V/S Petrol    






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