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Residential LPG

Residential LPG pipeline system is also known as Reticulated LPG/Gas Systems.
Reticulated LPG/Gas system is nothing but supplying the LPG through special LPG pipeline network. This system is most sought of in residential projects in all metro cities.

How it Works?
LPG cylinders are stored in a cylinders bank at the ground evel and the regulators are installed in all the apartments. Special protected devices are installed in Gas bank. The system has multiple pressure regulation stages to supply LPG to user at low pressure and to make the system safer.

Matchless Benefit

  • 24 hours gas supply at your command
  • No cylinder in the kitchen or inside your flat
  • Freedom from cylinder transport and possible damage of flooring
  • No holiday for Gas supply
  • No follow up with LPG distributor
  • No waiting list for new connect or refill
  • Gas meter for recording on actual consumption
  • 3rd party accident & loss of property insurance
  • Entire system is as per IS code 6044 Part I


We also provide LPG pipeline for Individual Bungalows / Twin Bungalows / Row houses and Flats as per specific requirements and we are also doing Reticular Systems for Apartments.   

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