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Cylinder Installation Systems

LOT and VOT are Acronyms. 'LOT' stands for Liquid Off Take system while VOT stands for Vapor Off Take System. VOT is a system where LPG is taken out from cylinder in Vapor form only, the way it is commonly used and is known to everybody. This is the type of off take we use in our house kitchens. LOT is a special system wherein LPG is taken out in Liquid Phase only and it is then vaporized using a shell and tube type evaporator called 'Vaporizer'.
For large burners and furnaces and industrial application burners where rate of vaporization required is much more, LOT systems are most useful. Since the rate of vaporization is proportional to the surface area and ambient temperature, both parameters out of control of the operations, the large burners may get starved for fuel. LOT overcomes this hurdle and allows to withdraw as much fuel as required.

LOT Multi Cylinder Installations

LPG LOT System is advance concept in Multi-cylinder Installation which overcomes lots of problems and demerits of bulk LPG Installation & conventional Manifold (VOT) system. Liquid LPG Off Take per cylinder will be (upto 10 Kg/Hr) which is comparatively much more than normal Vapour off Take per cylinder (0.5 -0.6kg/hr).

  • LOT  Manifold is installed where peak load of Equipments is higher & everage consumption of LPG is up no much ie its up to 2 tone per day.  We called this is a small bullet. It can install instead of bulk where there is space no space for bulk installation. This system is completely safe to handle. We follow Is-6044 Part-1 & 2 & OISD norms for these types of installations.
  •  A Gas Storage Facility consisting of multi-cylinder installation with Liquid off-tek Valve fitted on the cylinder which contains a stem pipe inside the cylinder so the liquid is drawn directly with inbuilt cylinder pressure every cylinder is fitted with Excess flow check Valve to ensure safety when any pigtail is burst or damage.
  • Cylinder Manifold: Consists of C.S Pipe Sch 80, 40NB pipe each arm consists of Smart hose with inbuilt NRV & isolation valve to restrict liquid from leakage.
  • The liquid is drawn directly from the cylinders which passes through the electrically / steam operated Vaporizer to give us required Gas i.e. vapor.
  • Pressure Reducing Station: Regulators are selected and installed to reduce the required pressure as per the requirements.
  • Safety Relief Valve is provided as an additional safety factor.
  • A Excess flow check valve is installed on each manifold  to ensure safety when any down stream line is breakage or damage.

VOT Installation

The 'N' no. Of Cylinders are connected to the manifold & the Vaporized LPG is directly drawn from the cylinders with Natural Vaporization Process. This vaporized LPG is passed through the properly designed 1st Stage & 2nd Stage Pressure Reducing Station. This LPG VOT facility is normally recommended for Low utility consumption per hour of LPG.

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